Progress forced to cover news again

blog-daughtry1.jpgAfter at least a dozen front page stories covering every possible twist and turn on the issue of whether a former Fluvanna County resident will survive the televised talent show called "American Idol," the DP's idol has been booted. The Progress reveals this morning, in yet another front pager, that North Carolina resident Christopher Daughtry failed to adequately impress the judges with his rendition of Elvis Presley songs last night on the Fox program.

The telegenic 26-year-old crooner may soon get back to life in McLeansville, North Carolina as a service advisor for an auto dealership– or as a professional singer. Whatever happens, the TV-glued Progress reporters will surely have the tale(s).

Friday 5/12 update: A DP reporter investigates the only conclusion that can make sense of this ouster to the still-disbelieving daily paper: Deserving Daughtry has been robbed of his title by complacent fans.


Oh Hook you naughty newsweekly! You ARE incorrigible.

I have never seen American Idol, but it's in my face every day, in every newspaper, on every cable news show. I just don't get what the big deal is about a protracted, scripted amateur hour.

Oh, that's precious.

Yes, The Progress does evidence some strain (and fatigue) in its mighty rhetorical exertions.

Thanks for the laff.