2nd, 3rd wind farms eyed for Virginia

While Highland County continues boil over the hot topic of allowing a father and son team to cover a ridge with 19 wind turbines, two new wind energy proposals have emerged: one's for Patrick County and other, a posssibly 50 turbine deal, eyed for Roanoke County, according to the Roanoke Times.

One of the hottest debates in America right now, supposedly "green" wind energy often splits environmentalists when proposed for Eastern ridges because of concerns that the giant, often 400-foot-tall, turbines kill bats and birds in pristine backwoods areas.

The Highland County project was the subject of the Hook's March 16 cover story.


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If the people who claim to care about bird deaths caused by wind turbines were really serious about the issue of avian mortality they would address the real bird killers in the US:

Transmission and utility lines: 130 to 174 million bird deaths per year;
Cars and Trucks: 60 to 80 million
Tall and residential buildings: 100 million
Communication Towers: 77 thousand;
Agricultural pesticides: 67 million;
Cats and domestic pets: 8 to 217 million.

Wind turbines cause between 0.01 to 0.02% of all bird deaths in the US, and yet there is a huge fuss and furor about it. As soon as these "bird lovers" address the real causes of bird deaths I will start to take their concern seriously. Until then I will suspect that they have an alternative unspoken agenda.

Chris Ziesler

Information Source: http://www.awea.org/faq/sagrillo/swbirds.html