Requiem for Cecil Ray Garlic

If last week's pedestrian death did not merit the usual attention that such a calamity might normally precipitate, there could be a reason why. The victim was already receiving near daily attention from local authorities.

Cecil Ray Garlic was struck and killed by a car while crossing U.S. 29 near Woodbrook Drive on April 30. "Alcohol may have played a role in Mr. Garlic's death," said Albemarle police's Lt. John Teixeira. The alcohol was not consumed by the driver of the vehicle, however. The drinker was Cecil Ray Garlic.

Frequently arrested for "public swearing/intoxication," Garlic had a lengthy police record. According to the summary reports issued by City spokesperson Ric Barrick. Garlic was arrested 13 times between February and April.

Garlic, 45, with no fixed address, is a native of West Virginia with more than one tragedy in his background. Lisa Provence has the story in today's Hook.


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dear Lisa,
I'm adear friend to Cecil Ray Garlic and I miss him so much when I go down town to see how he is and some times he would come over to my appartment to stay the night to get out of the weather so he would not get sick and he could
take a bath and get a hot meal.
could you send me a copy of the story to I would like it so much thank-you very much.