Stuart tells cat tale on Barefoot

Hook journalist Courteney Stuart will appear on the WINA radio show "Charlottesvile, Right Now" around 4:30pm today to discuss the story of a businessman who allegedly shot a neighbor's pet cat. As detailed in this week's Hook cover story, "Claws and effect: Cat killing shocks Bentivar," the big black cat's name was Carmen, and she died April 24 after allegedly taking a bullet from George Seymour, a neighbor in a plush subdivision who operates an import car store at the corner of Emmet Street and Hydraulic Road.
"Charlottesville, Right Now" can be heard on AM 1070, and the host is author Coy Barefoot.



After reading this sad story, I can say I will NEVER buy anything from The Import Car Store.

Thank you for reporting this story. I had not heard about this, but was horrified to hear that something like this had taken place here in C'ville. I hope this article will help people to realize that animal cruelty is a very serious crime....a crime that deserves more than just a fine. These people who so callously end the life of a completely innocent creature has absolutely no respect for life.

And as for this Seymour guy: I'll make sure that EVERYONE I know NEVER buys anything from the Import Car Store. I know that my friends and family would never want to give money that will be used to pay off the fine for your disgusting crime, you heartless, pathetic excuse for a human.

Courteney Stuart did an outstanding job on this story. Just as sad as the ruthless killing of Carmen is the small slap on the wrist the murderer will get. This is not an isolated incident; animal cruelty occurs everyday, and almost all of the culprits walk away with just a small fine. Too few people have stepped up and demanded harsher sentencing from our lawmakers. The media in general does a terrible job of reporting these cases of abuse and murder, and an even worse job of reporting how there is little or no consequences for such a horrible act. I implore everyone reading this, I beg you, write your congressperson, write your senator, demand a change in the law making mandatory prison time and harsher fines for someone like Carmen's murderer. Something has to be done to punish the abusers appropriately (something at least resembling justice) and deter future abuse of our beloved pets.

I am terribly sorry about Carmen's death. The loss of any animal, especially through violence, is always sad. What troubles me even more is why cat owners feel that they have to allow their animals roam freely around town (which is illegal). It makes me ill every time I see a cat (or dog) run over in the street. Also, cats are predators and kill birds, snakes and rodents that we need in our ecosystem. When we keep pet animals, we seriosuly upset what would otherwise be a natural animal population and then when we allow those pets to run wild, they raise havoc in the environment. Cat owners, please have mercy on the birds and other animals. Keep your cat home and if you won't do that, at least put a bell on it.

As Ross said, there are many good reasons for keeping your cat indoors:

Please continue to report this story. If anyone doubts the value of good alternative weeklies like yours the Wintersteigers can answer them. I sincerely hope Albemarle Animal Control and Mr Camblos are good to their press.

What about a firearms discharge violation? Too bad the underlying offense is not a felony, since that would bring Virginia's use of a gun in commission of a felony rule into play and too bad there is not an animal abuser registry as with sex offenders. How about some reporting about what psychologists, etc, say about repeat offending in this area?

Regardless of the legal outcome, all readers should make their feelings known to their General Assembly members that brutalizing and/or killing someone's pet absent fear of their life (dog attack, etc) is serious enough to rate felony treatment, If for no other reason then for the correlation to other kinds of violence.

And for goodness sake vote with your dollars as the writers above have suggested. One good thing about someone like this being in a retail business is that his behavior can hurt his pocketbook, though I feel sorrow for his employees. Just as they are not people I'd want as neighbors, neither will I do business with an animal abuser.

Thank you, Courteney Stuart and The Hook. Your reporting here would do Mark Antony (and maybe Pulitzer?) proud ;-)

I missed this print issue of The Hook (which I normally read) and stumbled across this story while googling for 'The Import Car Store.' Why was I googling them? Because I'm planning to buy a used BMW next month and they were first on my list. In fact, I looked at their website and saw exactly the 3 series that I want.

Apparantly Mr. Seymour believes that his neighbor's pet was totally without value. Mr. Seymour, so far the value is $10,000 of my money that will be spent elsewhere. Pretty expensive cat, huh?

I am glad that Courtney Stuart did this story. Two years ago my cat was beaten to death in my own home while I was out at dinner. I lived in Lexington at the time and no one did a thing about it. The cops said they filed a report which I later found to be untrue. I am glad to see people taking a stand against this monster. Continue to boycott him and his business and let all of Charlottesville and hopefully the rest of the state know that there is no room for people like him in our society. Please continue with updates on this story. I hope there is justice for Carmen and through her for my cat Nugget.