‘Everyday’ hugger reminisces with DMB pix

Judah Friedlander, the geeky, heavyset actor/comedian whose role as the random street hugger made the Dave Matthews Band's 2001 "Everyday" video so memorable, has posted his behind-the-scenes pictures and musings online.

Friedlander, clearly amused with himself and Charlottesville, (whose Downtown Mall and surrounds provided much of the location for the video) delights in the fact that one local house full of coeds called itself "Breasthaven," and in one silly recent interview reveals that he's never been to a DMB concert.


So Breasthaven is a play on Charlottesville's public housing complex called Westhaven, right?

Hey, Hook staff, when you were running the C-ville Weekly, didn't you do some sort of photo page on this filming? Or was that the Progress? Or the Observer? Anyway, I seem to remember that Breasthaven was a house on 14th Street. Sounds like a place most males might like to visit....

In the picture above, doesn't it look like the "hugging guy" is actually choking the old lady?