J-la! Clapton’s coming to JPJ

The man who brought the world “Let it Rain,” "Layla," and “Cocaine” has decided that after a 14-nation sold-out European tour, a seven-night run at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and a show in Moscow’s Red Square, he needs– what else?– a show in Charlottesville. But unlike James Brown, a Charlottesville traveller who performs tonight downtown, Eric Clapton will play at the new John Paul Jones Arena, UVA's almost-finished sports dome that's quickly shaping up as one of the busiest entertainment centers on the East Coast.

One really cool thing for knowledgeable Charlottesville audiences is that Allman Brothers Band slide guitarist Derek Trucks, recently interviewed by Vijith Assar and reviewed four years ago by Damani Harrison in the Hook, will be playing in Clapton's band on this summer/fall tour. Trucks, as you may recall from Assar's interview, began filling in for the late Duane Allman and he has since been elevated to a full partner. He also fronts his own band, which blends together blues-rock, Coltrane, and Indian classical music.

Clapton tickets (no price given yet) go on sale August 26.



If they play material from In the Cradle, this could be a mind-blowing show.

Not much from "From the Cradle," but lots of Dominos tunes and a scorching and long "Little Queen of Spades." The European leg is well underway, and a very good audience recording of the pre-opening night show in Le Cannet, France is circulating through the more popular Bit Torrent sites. Ticket prices already announced for other shows in the USA top out at $125.

actually, jj cale brought the world 'cocaine.' clapton just made it famous.

"actually, jj cale brought the world ââ?¬Ë?cocaine.' clapton just made it famous."

And made J.J. Cale a very wealthy songwriter (he's recorded two other Cale tunes, "After Midnight" and "Travellin' Light").