Duct tape intruder sought

Authorities say that early this morning a man slipped into a house in the 2300 block of Shelby Drive and began applying duct tape to the mouth of a sleeping 12-year-old boy. Awaked by the child's screams, the parents and older brother went after the intruder who escaped through the front door that he'd allegedly left open. City spokesman Ric Barrick relates that a similar incident on Shelby occurred May 13, but in that case, the intruder never gained actually gained entry– only put a hand through an open window into the other person's bedroom.

Shelby Drive is a residential street just southwest of the busy Emmet/Hydraulic intersection in the City of Charlottesville– with a creepy precedent.Barrick says that earlier on the same day as the first incident a "short, thin to medium build Hispanic male in his early 30s" tried to break into the house of the 12-year-old boy. The man was allegedly using a ladder to gain entry into a second floor window. Questioned by a vigilant neighbor, the mysterious ladder-man claimed to be doing some work on the house and subsequently departed.

In today's incident, Charlottesville Police are reporting that various windows of the house show evidence of tampering. They warn citizens to be vigilant and to secure all windows and doors.


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