Scripps heiress to divorce– again

Betty Scripps second marriage to Jeremy Harvey didn't take any better than the first one did, the Washington Post's Reliable Source reports. The pair first married in 1998 and split up in 2004. After a whirlwind romance in January, Scripps, 80, and Harvey, 62, retied the knot February 16 at glamorous Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. By early May, the honeymoon was over again, and Scripps, who owns homes in Charlottesville, the Bahamas and East Hampton, announced she intends to file for divorce in Virginia. Fortunately for Scripps, a prenup protects Scripps' $300 million fortune.
Meanwhile, two lawsuits against Harvey– one by Albemarle County, one by former employee James Hoffman were both settled May 25, with Harvey paying $8,513 on each, according to Albemarle court records.