Brittany’s grandfather deceased

Earl Bishop, the man whose name is on the property records for the Bishop Hill Road farm where 11 Albemarle High students were arrested for underage drinking May 19 following the fatal crash of lacrosse star Nolan Jenkins, died October 3, 2005, an anonymous source advises the Hook.

Bishop, 78, was the grandfather of 16-year-old Brittany Hope Bishop, who died in an alcohol-related crash July 19, 2002. Her parents, Beau and Kellie Bishop, set up a foundation in her name, and started BRITT– Beats Risking It, Take a Taxi– to provide free rides home to impaired adolescents.



Dear Hook,
Hasn't this family suffered enough? Why pick the scab off the wound? Why?

this family has suffered enough so before you blame the hook for reporting the news maybe you should blame the few in the family for being in the news if it wasnt for the foolish acts of a few

im sorry but who ever this "unknown" person is SHOULD NEVER make comments like that. i know the these ppl and the jenkins and they cant even open the newpaper without seeing ass holes like you try to act like they even know what happend(which i have seen SOOOOO many false comments made about the situation). they lost their child for god sakes! have a heart!!!! and i think its a shame that you even think like that...i hope you never never have to experience what it is like to lose a child...but i cant honestly tell you that its ppl like you that make it 10x more worst then it should be. Just when they are having a good day and trying to get through the process of grieving, they open the paper and see their childs you and ppl like you can live with yourself i will never understand.