Fab Four to JP Jones!

Well, the other fab four– you know, Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff? Okay, if you're over age four, you may not be aware of the superstar status achieved by tot group The Wiggles, who'll take the stage of the John Paul Jones Arena on Thursday, August 24 for two shows– at 3 and 6:30pm.

Singing and dancing to crowd pleasers including "Big Red Car" and "Henry the Octopus," the Wiggles have worldwide appeal, even if only to a very select demographic. In fact, according to their website, they've sold out five June shows in Sydney, Australia, and will be taking the U.K. by storm through the month of July before bringing Wiggle mania stateside.

Tickets– $15.50-$32.50– go on sale June 24 at www.johnpauljonesarena.com or at any Plan 9 location.