Is Lynchburg the New Staunton?

blog-lynchburg.JPGNow we know why developer Oliver Kuttner is touting Lynchburg”Šaccording to a recent story in the News & Advance, ââ?¬Ë?Can Lynchburg Handle the Coming Growth?’ the city is in the crosshairs of some high-powered developers. Last week, plans for a Hollymead Town Center-style development were unveiled for a 130-acre spot near Lakeside Drive and the Lynchburg Expressway.

According to the article, “Market forces, Liberty University’s growth, government structure and an aging population are all combining to put the Lynchburg area next in line for a development boom.” Not surprisingly, one of the offspring of Lynchburg’s most famous citizen is leading the charge. Jerry Falwell Jr., a lawyer who represents developers, thinks people are beginning to “discover” Lynchburg and predicts that the city will become a big retirement destination.

“We’ve done a good job keeping it hidden,” Falwell Jr. told the News & Advance, alluding to Lynchburg’s colleges, natural beauty, good public schools, and low cost of living, “But we can’t keep it hidden for too much longer.”


I've heard that Martinsville is the new Danville.

Pshaw! I hear that Suffolk is the new Hampton.