Zany Warner pops up in Vegas

Today is the day we find out whether Virginia's Republican presidential hopeful, George Allen, has to fight James Webb or Harris Miller to hold on to his U.S. Senate seat.

But just a week after wowing the faithful at the state Democratic convention in New Hampshire by blasting President Bush, Virginia's Democratic would-be president Mark Warner puts on a big show in Las Vegas.

Dig the opening moments of this story in Salon: "If the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries were held tomorrow, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner would easily win the contest for the best party planner. To date, no other candidate has rented an Elvis impersonator to perform for supporters in a circular viewing station 1,000 feet above the Vegas strip. And no other candidate has tried to ply voters with the deadly trifecta of a vodka-chilling ice sculpture, a chocolate fondue waterfall, and free roller-coaster rides.

But there was Warner on Friday night, looking, as one blogger commented, like a cross between John Kennedy and Richie Cunningham of "Happy Days" as he danced between two Blues Brothers' impersonators at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. At a reported cost of around $50,000, Warner had rented out the highest bar in Vegas to entertain the nearly 1,000 bloggers and online activists..."

Hopefully, a Warner presidency will be as fun.