Webb takes City

In the race to see who will go up against George Allen for a U.S. Senate seat, the victor (in Charlottesville at least) is retired Navy Secretary James Webb.

Election tallies just released by City communications director Ric Barrick show that with 1,566 voters– or 6.78 percent of the local electorate voting– the Democratic primary victory goes to Webb with 897 votes to the 657 votes for Harris Miller. However, this is just the City of Charlottesville, a tiny blip in this statewide race.

Stay tuned here for updates.

10pm update: Various media outlets have the verdict, and Miller concedes: Webb has won the state.



Is that photo from his appearance on the Colbert Report?

Has to be the Colbert report pic- Webb got big numbers in NoVa. Allen can't be happy because I think the I used to support Allen but not now will resonate among voters. (webb had support Allen in past elections).