This old architect: TJ hits TV

Charlottesville's most famous architect and some of his most famous structures will be featured on the History Channel this weekend. In this case, the host is Steve "This Old House" Thomas, and the architect is none other than UVA-foundin', Declaration-writin', and Religious-freedomin' Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas has been hosting this "Save our History" series since 2003, and UVA indicates that he spoke with School of Architecture Professor Richard Guy Wilson as well as Architect for the University, David J. Neuman.

The Channel says the program will explore "the private vs. the public Jefferson" with a particular emphasis on Jefferson's Lynchburg-area retreat, Poplar Forest. Constructed in 1806, it is America's first octagonal house. Commercials for the show indicate that two of Jefferson's other architectural achievements will also appear: the Virginia State Capitol and good ole UVA.

The program is entitled "Jefferson's Other Revolution," and the History Channel's schedule says it will air Saturday, June 17th at 8pm eastern time. A UVA report suggests it'll be rebroadcast on Sunday, June 18th at 12am (isn't that noon– we're never quite sure) as well as at 9am Sunday. #