Sister Act IV: the committee

How much does City Council love the "Sister City" concept? Well enough so that the Council will soon vote on creating a new City committee to deal with them.

For those blissfully unaware, Charlottesville– depending upon whom you talk to– has either two or three sister cities. First came Poggio a Caiano, Italy in the mid-1990s, we think. Next was Pleven, Bulgaria.

Sister Cities International seems to think we have three of them, while our local government isn't so sure we ever got around to formalizing things with Besan§on, our would-be sis in France. Seems we had some awkwardness over the Iraq war, or perhaps there was simply a scheduling difficulty.

Anyway, the City Council agenda first showed the committee idea on the June 5 agenda, and the vote is set for this Monday June 19.


July 2 update: The Daily Progress publishes a story on a recent visit from the mayor of Pleven, Bulgaria who seems to want to match Charlottesville's position as a "#1 city."


The whole sister city thing is retarded and widespread. Simply a junket excuse.

I think the sister city stuff is just an excuse to pull out the photo that went with this post ;)

I'm sure the city council will spend many hours on this vitally important issue. Since one of the youngest freely democratic cities in the world is Baghdad, why not choose that as our sister city? Think of the boost in tourism.