Cat trial postponed

The trial for accused cat shooter George Seymour has been postponed to August 22 at 3pm.

Seymour had been scheduled to appear in Albemarle County District Court this morning for his alleged role in the shooting of Carmen, a three-year-old cat belonging to his neighbors, Klaus and Vanessa Wintersteiger.

As detailed in the Hook's May 18 cover story, "Claws and Effect: Bentivar shooting sparks outrage," Carmen was shot through the neck on the night of April 24. She dragged herself home, where the Wintersteigers discovered her and took her to the emergency vet clinic. She was euthanized that night, and by the next day, police had arrested Seymour– who allegedly confessed to the shooting– and charged him with a class one misdemeanor.
Though Seymour faces up to a year behind bars and up to a $2,500 fine, animal rights activists are using the case as a platform for their stance on toughening Virginia's animal cruelty laws.


First date may have been for attorney status/bond issues. Second date was likely for arraignment, to to hear his plea. This is especially likely if the matter was set at 9:30, or some other time relatively early in the day. The next date is likely the trial date. Again, I was not present and have no involvement in the case. Sometimes, all of these matters are taken care of at the first hearing, sometimes they are not.

I would think one could determine the status of some of these issues with a trip to the General District Court Clerk's Office

WHY was it postponed? WHY WHY WHY? No reason? Come on, this is a news magazine, right?

Maybe because Camblos is hoping that everyone will be on vacation in August so he can hide his incompetence from the masses again. After all, Seymour's white, rich and probably a supporter. You ever hear of a prosecutor apologizing to a cop on the stand because he has to ask a tough question? Yeah, only when the defendant he's prosecuting is a cop. Pathetic.

I was not present, but first returns in cases are usuually used to schedule the matter for trial, determine the status of defense counsel, enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, and otherwise set the matter for a full hearing.

If this were the second time Defendant was in court, then others' bile may be justified.

This was the second time he was in court, the first being April 27th (give or take a day), two days after his arrest. So for what reasons would they postpone the trial?