Trespassing winners and losers

UVA prof Wende Marshall, the only person convicted in the Living Wage protest held in Madison Hall, had her charges dropped June 19, according to the Progress. Seventeen student protesters were acquitted of trespassing May 22, and Marshall was preparing to appeal to Charlottesville Circuit Court when the prosecution dropped the charges, saying it didn't seem fair that the person who was there the least amount of time should be the only one convicted.

Convicted trespasser Rich Collins didn't fare so well with his civil suit against Shoppers' World, which had him arrested for trespassing last year when he campaigned in front of Whole Foods for a General Assembly seat. Judge Paul Peatross ruled that the Virginia Constitution provides no general right to campaign on private property– even if the private property has replaced the public square, as Collins contends.

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Wende Marshall was guilty and let off.
Rich Collins was guilty and convicted.