BAR approves 9-story building project


The Waterhouse project's South Street elevation. Courtesy of Atwood Architects.

Here they come”Šyesterday, the Charlottesville Board of Architectual Review approved architect Bill Atwood’s “Waterhouse” project, the first of several 9-story buildings projects being developed on or near the Downtown Mall.

Waterhouse will go up on and around the Downtown Tire building on Water Street and extend back to South Street. There will be between 55 and 60 condos in the main tower, a few new retail spaces below, four four-story townhouses along South Street, and an underground parking garage with room for 110 cars.

Plans call for the demolition of the building occupied by Sidetracks, a music store, and Eloise, a clothing store, but both businesses will be relocated in the new building. Club 216, a private after-hours gay and lesbian danceclub will also remain. The popular club has a 99-year lease on the space.

The Tuesday BAR vote was nearly unanimous, save for a lone nay from member William Adams.

“I saw enormous improvements in the schemes,” says Adams, “but I felt it had to improve more.”

In particular, Adams was concerned about the size of the four-story townhouses along South Street.

“It would be better if the elements were more appropriately scaled to the buildings across the street,” he says. “They will loom up and make the houses across the street look smaller.”

Grounding breaking for the project is expected to take place next spring.


Bring it on.....this is a city, not a "small college town." Tall buildings make good cities.

You call this a blog?! This is a darn veritable e-lectronic newspaper. Nice graphics too! Thanks for all the info! But what about the cat-killing shooter-man? Inquiring minds want to know.