No arrests for Crozet party parents

The Crozet family that held the party that cost numerous Western Albemarle High School students their blemish-free criminal records and chances for post-season athletic play will not face any criminal charges, prosecutor James E. Camblos III announced today.

"They were trying to do the right thing," said Camblos, pointing out that the couple who hosted the May 28 post-prom party on Hillsboro Lane not only didn't provide alcohol for their under-legal-drinking age attendees, but they also poured out contraband alcohol and prevented the students from driving. One 17-year-old and fifteen 18-year-olds were cited in the early-morning raid, according to the Albemarle Police Department.
In another infamous underage drinking party, held May 19 at Bishop Hill Farm, no parents were present Camblos said, and he says investigators are attempting to learn who provided alcohol for that event. A 17-year-old youth, Nolan Jenkins left that party and died in what police have suggested was an alcohol-related crash on Route 53.

Camblos says his office will "aggressively" prosecute any store employees or even "big brothers" who supply such alcoholic beverages.

Camblos told reporters at a Court Square press conference that he spent a lot of time conferring with police, examining the law, and even well debating the issue while commuting to his downtown Charlottesville office with his wife, Christine. "That's what took me so long," Camblos said. See video.

"They were trying to have an alcohol-free party," Camblos said of the prosecution-free parents. "They didn't quite get there, but they were trying."