Mrs. Ramsey scolded, even in death

What does the JonBenet murder case have to do with Charlottesville? Well, maybe nothing besides the wide-spread, never-substantiated rumor about five years ago that the Ramseys were planning to move here.

Of more concern to Charlottesvillians who believe in truth and justice is the fact that Patsy Ramsey, who died yesterday of ovarian cancer, was long swarmed by a media circus appalled by the alleged tackiness of the beauty pageants in which the late child participated and a Boulder, Colorado, District Attorney's office that focused on the parents as perpetrators despite a litany of evidence that pointed to an intruder.

Even the usually esteemed Washington Post, in its account of Patsy Ramsey's death, seemed to question the intruder theory by spending several paragraphs on the lawsuits between the Ramseys and the media, and the Post actually repeated the long-debunked no-footprints-in-the-snow allegation.

The District Attorney's obsession with the Ramseys led two detectives to resign, and as one of them, Lou Smit would later reveal, the Boulder prosecutors– dealing with their only murder that year– seemed to ignore evidence that didn't fit their theory. Indeed, in 2003, a federal judge in Atlanta rebuked the Boulder investigation and stated that most evidence supported the intruder theory.



If this was a poor black (or other minority) inner-city child we wouldn't even be talking about it.

Nothing we say or do will bring back JonBenet - or take away the horror that JonBenet felt. Money talked and BS walked in that case. I pray that little girl is simply at peace now.

Sadly too, 'mad grandparent' is correct - if it were a child of colour - we would not be discussing it at all... :(