Wham! Another busted bridge

In 2003, drivers suffered lengthy delays on Rt. 250 as crews closed lanes and worked to repair the Locust Avenue and Park Street bridges, which were both damaged by the same L.W. Critzer truck in 1999. Now it's Ivy drivers who'll be needing books on tape.

On Monday, June 26, a truck struck the underside of the bridge on Rt. 601, near 250W and the Bellair Market in Ivy. VDOT engineers spent today assessing the damage and the news is not good: the westbound lane of Rt. 601 will be closed indefinitely. No word yet on the owner of the truck, nor what type of repairs will be required to get the bridge back in shape.

If history is any lesson, fixing the bridge may not fix the problem. In September 2003, five months after the Locust Avenue bridge reopened, it was struck again, leaving neighbors wondering why damaged bridges aren't rebuilt in such a way as to reduce the liklihood of another costly accident.

"Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting something different," said one Locust Grove resident at the time.

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The Bellair Market is in Ivy? Does that mean Ivy is in Crozet?