Other prez offers 4th

Not a big fan of heart-warming immigrants taking their citizenship oaths? Not into the island-wrapping, Park-gating works of the artist known as Christo?

Then surely you'll want to drive right past Monticello this July 4, and see what's being offered a mile down the road at Ash Lawn-Highland. Of course, YOU already know that "Ash Lawn" is a modern moniker for the home of America's fourth president, the first future president to be wounded in war (Battle of Trenton– in 1776, natch).

You love visiting Highland not just for the strolling, squawking peacocks, but also for the laid-back, farm atmosphere which includes a low-key Independence Day starring none other than Dennis Bigelow (shown here). He is planning to entertain July 4 visitors between 1 and 4pm with tales of the sometimes-overlooked founding father.

Hey, when one follows Declaration-writin' TJ and Constitution-drafting Madison, fame is hard-fought! But ask those more famous prezes if they have a "Doctrine" named for them? Okay then.

Ash Lawn-Highland is open daily from 9am to 6pm during the warm months. and tours are $9 for adults and $5 for children and locals.