Fake bomb phone robber still at large

blog-robber.JPGIf you happened to be driving past Pantops Mountain last Saturday, July 8 you may have noticed a sea of yellow police tape around the Sun Trust Bank and a veritable army of law enforcement up and down the roadway. Was it a terrorist attack? A hostage situation? No, it was a phoned in bank robbery. Early that morning, a man left what appeared to be a bomb in the bank, exited, and later called to demand that a bag of cash be placed outside the bank or else “something bad would happened.”

After a bank employee flipped the alarm, Albemarle County Police arrived and sealed off the area. Later, Charlottesville City Police showed up and bank employees were escorted out of the building.

“No, it was not a real bomb,” says Lt. John Teixeira of the county police. “But it was a harrowing situation.” Indeed, although the bomb wasn’t real, Teixeira says it looked exactly like a real bomb. In addition to county and city police, the FBI, ATF, and the VA State Police’s bomb squad were also involved.

The phone robber, a 6 to 6.5 foot black male (pictured left) who was last seen walking across the Giant parking lot after dropping off the faux bomb, is still at large, says Teixeira, but he was captured on the bank’s security cameras.

If you see the man, know the man, or have any information to help police nab him, call Crime Stoppers at (434) 977-4000.

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Yowsah! That guy looks like my neighbor! Was he sweating, or was the tshirt-to-the-face trick designed to reduce the impact of the security cameras? You'd think bank employees would press the silent-alarm button the moment somebody strolls in with some sort of covering over their face, wouldn't you? (Thanks for the pix, Hook.)