NAACP’s Turner in trouble

A bold voice has fallen silent. UVA's dean of African American Affairs, M. Rick Turner, has been placed on administrative leave following his plea to lying about an alleged drug dealer, according to the Daily Progress. In a federal plea in which he admits that federal prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him, Turner has agreed to a one-year probation for misleading the government.

Turner, although his position is primarily geared toward the University, has become a familiar voice in Charlottesville. In particular, he has served as president of the Charlottesville chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

He has inveighed against street theater artist Scottie B. and defended former Charlottesville School superintendent Scottie Griffin. But no media outlet has yet succeeded in revealing any response to the federal agreement from Turner himself. And the government document gives no clue about the precise lie about the "known drug dealer" or about the case from which it arose.



Rick may have good intentions but he's irresponsible. While others at his level examined evidence, he ignored it and insulted the community and the University by mechanically playing the race card whenever he could. Now it appears he had more reckless commitment than wit. He came here with promise. Let's hope the stratrgy of letting him off easy prompts enough introspection to curb his excesses.


A bold voice? Puh-leeese. The day Rick Turner leaves UVa is the day race relations begin to improve there. He incites racial strife and he is an embarrassment to the University.

What? Rick Turner lying? So there wasn't any news yesterday?

Turner is simply a self-aggrandizing race baiter and now it turns out he's a drug user. He should have been fired before this.