Truck reinforces Emory’s point

For at least a year now, photographer Bill Emory has been making the case that his city neighborhood, The Woolen Mills, is unfairly under siege by traffic and development. Yesterday, his point was literally rammed home when a truck smashed into #1609 E. Market Street. Emory's web site offers a then-and-now photograph (pre-accident) that gives the viewer a sense of how the wreck may have occurred: a driver heading northbound on Franklin Street failed to stop at Market. Wham!

Emory says that retired longtime planning director Satyendra Huja once penned a letter noting the neighborhood's hopes that Franklin might get some traffic-calming in the form of one-waying Franklin. This morning's Daily Progress reports that police found the abandoned vehicle nearby and hope to have a suspect in custody soon for the 2:09am Sunday hit-and-run.

[Editor's note: the truck was northbound on Franklin; an early version of this post incorrectly described the trajectory.]

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