Who is Ass E Press?

Over at the Daily Progress, the writing bug has bitten the editor, and his "Airport traffic dips" is an intelligent– if not necessarily– Pulitzer-winning exploration of the 5.8 percent slump in CHO airport boardings during the first six months of the year. (The prime reason for the drop appears to be major discounting at competitors Dulles and Richmond.)

What's left out, however, is an explanation for why the Progress continues to publish its Charlottesville Business Journal. Founded independently in 1990, the Journal is now a Monday-morning Progress supplement given mostly to advertorials, those mixtures of press releases and advertising that typically mislead readers into thinking they're reading news.

Not all of the Business Journal is ads. Consider today's lead article, a New York City-based wire-story about retirees who fear they may going back to cover higher-than-expected medical expenses. The author? "Ass E Press."


I queried a DP friend on this, and apparently the computer that is used to lay out the paper condensed Associated Press tro to "Ass E. Press". Ouch.
As to why the Progress continues to publish the business journal, the fact that it's mostly ads should be your answer. It's the same reason the Hook or C-ville each publish 50 page weekly pubs containing about 3 pages of news. It's the money, honey.

Actually I'm more surprised that the CBJ would actually report something that's not glowingly positive about a sponsor - I'm assuming that CHO continues to advertise in their publication.

I think it's "the fearless consumer", who once again showed that in the interest of fairness she should have waited to get the story from both sides before writing such a one-sided article about such an emotional issue (Bella).