Local farmer shut down by authorities

Albemarle lauds its agricultural heritage. In Scottsville, Dave Matthews has an organic farm. A few miles away, another farmer was looking at a bumper crop this year, until police swooped in July 25 to arrest Gary Peck, 51, for growing 4,400 pot plants in his Blenheim Road backyard, the largest bust ever in this area.

Police value the crop at $4.8 million, assuming a street value of $1,110 per plant, even for those that are tiny seedlings. Others reached 9 feet tall. More astounding is Peck's alleged intensive gardening technique that crammed 4,000-plus plants into a 10'X10' plot surrounded by bamboo in his backyard.

Peck is charged with manufacturing a heckuva lot of ganja, as well as for having four guns and a half-pound of pot in his house.

Meanwhile, the Albemarle police station evidence room floor is redolent with reefer that's being dried to be used as evidence, according to the Progress. "We're obviously not a professional dope-drying facility," says forensic technician Carol Townsend, "but we do the best we can."



A guy caught with 4,400 marijuana plants is a "local farmer?" Oh you are a cheeky bunch, Hooksters.

Let's see...10'x10' is 14,400 square inches. With 4400 plants, that's about 3.25 square inches of land per plant, or a square about 1.8" by 1.8". Unless they were all seedlings, somebody's full of crap. Not that I would EVER imply that the police around here are even remotely dishonest, especially when it comes to the JADE task farce, but that's where all the info is coming from.

Quote: "Not that I would EVER imply that the police around here are even remotely dishonest..."

New math, I wouldn't imply such a thing either.
I would just come right out and say it. :)

But, I would also say there's still a few decent hard working cops as well.

Not many. And once again, every media outlet in Cville is the ACPD's PR partner.

Yes, Jlor, I think I agree. The media never gets a grip on most of the negative to print. The only negative they seem to get ahold of seems to come from internal leaks to them.

The Monsoor three ring circus was proof of this. IMHO, they totally destroyed this police officer because he had nerve enough to blow a few whistles and raise cain in public view.