Lawyer: Lethal near bankruptcy

Lethal Wrecker is back in the news again, and this time it's pleading bankruptcy– well, almost. Readers may remember that 2003-2005 were banner years for dust-ups involving Lethal Wrecker and the company's predatory pricing practices– specifically, consistently overcharging parkers trying to pry their impounded cars from Lethal's grasp. In October 2005, the City successfully sued Lethal's owner, George Morris, and extracted a settlement that required that he stop overcharging, issue written receipts, and reimburse towees for the illegal charges. On Tuesday, August 1, however, a letter from Deputy City Attorney Lisa Kelley informed the 21 aggrieved citizens who've been anxiously awaiting refunds ranging from $5 to $170 (for a total payout by Lethal of $1,105) that collection day may be a long time coming. "In court on July 21," Kelly writes, "Lethal's attorney represented to the Court that Lethal does not have the money to pay the claims, and that Lethal is on the verge of bankruptcy." How could a company that once charged over $16,000 for a single tow (for a stuck beer truck wedged between trees) get into such a bind? Could it be that overcharging bites both ways? A call to Lethal's office for comment on attorney Kelly's allegation resulted only in a referral to Kelly's office. It's safe to say that many local drivers– not just the few waiting for refunds from Morris– who have been victims of Lethal's practices, are set to rejoice if word comes that the company has indeed been towed to the big impoundment lot of insolvency. #

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It couldn't happen to a nicer crew of folks. Those people have been a blight on the city for too long.

these people must have huge gambling debts... how else could a place that is a cash cow ripping the city off be near bankruptcy? good riddance...

It is about time! These guys give the respectable tow companys like Colliers and Charlottesville Wrecker a bad
name. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!!

Just to keep all readers informed I hear through the grape vine in a couple of weeks Lethal will be known as After 5 Towing. So "Lethal" may be bankrupt but After 5 is alive!

Lets just say that George Morris is a very bad business man, but it dont stop there, he is a bad person in general.
I feel bad for customers that use him, or just people in the area that has had doings with him. I Also feel bad if he
has a wife or family or anthing, image what they have to put up with from the bully. He needs to be shut down!