Hurting Hogan to miss JPJ RAW show? (World Wresting Entertainment) is reporting that Hulk Hogan has a knee injury and will probably miss the RAW show at the “Jack” on August 14. The Hulkster had an MRI over the weekend which revealed a partially torn meniscus in his right knee. Apparently, the seemingly ageless WWE Hall of Famer is feeling his age. According to a Wikipedia entry on Hogan, the wrestler was born on August 11, 1953.

“I’m sort of freaking out. I’m beginning to learn I’m a lot older,” Hogan tells “And with age, it’s tough to be the same dependable guy I’ve been in the past. I realize that as I get up there in age, I can’t go on forever.”

According to Hogan, his knee, which had been hurting for two weeks, made a snapping noise, like an “explosion in the knee cap” when he got up from his couch at home.

Of course, in the world of pro wrestling, all this could be a big PR stunt.


Crap?!? I dare UVA to bring in someone who's done a video as awesome as THIS:

Hulkster rules, BROTHERRR!

UVa should be ashamed of itself for playing a role in bringing this crap to town.

awwww, poor babies, crying about WWE show, WE IN CVILLE are so great. Why do we have WWE shows in our town. Wrestling is fake and Dave Mathews rules. STFU you crybabies. I like how you liberal pansies love to bash anything that you don't understand. Do I freakin complain when you guys get all dope up at a hippe show on the downtown. Seriously, do you call that music? Do I need to smoke what you are smoking? Why do you think a lot of people don't support local bands. Because they all suck and you need to be high to enjoy. Give me wrestling over any of the crap you call music on the downtown. I would rather spend money on two guys grabbing themselves then to listen to your hippie crap.

Shaft your complaining now that they are complaining , you make no sense and are just Talking out your ass, why do we
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Typical UVA yuppie reponse...."Dave Matthews rules". What a joke.