DMB asks fans for help on greatest hits album�Dave & Mick reunite!

blog-dmb.JPGblog-davemick.JPGIn a recent e-mail newsletter to fans, the Dave Matthews Band announced plans to put together a greatest hits album in the “near future.” Apparently, it’s a requirement of the band’s 2004 contract with RCA. What’s unusual about this project is that the DMB are asking fans for input on the playlist via an
online poll
, which includes studio tracks as well as popular live recordings.

As we all know, the DMB will be playing two shows starting September 23 at the new John Paul Jones arena. As you may not know, Dave and Mick will be reunited when the DMB opens for the Stones at an October 20 show in El Paso, Texas. The band previously opened for the Stones in 1998, and Matthews' duo with Mick on “Memory Motel” went on to appear on the Stones' album "No Security."

When the Stones played Charlottesville last year, the rumor was that Dave might join Mick on stage. Now that the DMB are returning to town”Šmight Mick join Dave on stage? Let the speculation begin!


...doesn't join anybody on stage. People join him. He's MICK FREAKING JAGGER!

Greatest hits albums almost always disappoint, unless they're box set retrospectives. Why not go outside "the box" and let people create their own collections, which they can download or have mailed to them? DMB is one of those bands without a list of teh "hits," where my ten favorite songs may differ greatly from the next person's.

However, please, I beg you to not inlcude a couple of new songs, or alternate versions of a song or two, to capture the attention of completists. I already have all the commercially available DMB. Don't make me buy a greatest hits just to get that different version.