Goode, Weed go at it

blog-weed.JPGblog-goode.JPGIt’s probably a good thing that 5th District Rep Virgil Goode and Democratic challenger Al Weed are running against each other. After all, if the two ever ran together, there’s no doubt the Goode/Weed ticket would be the butt of a few jokes (Hook headline writers already made use of it in a 2004
">story about the theft of Al Weed campaign signs). As it turns out, a similar play on names was used by Goode to make Weed the butt of a joke during a debate yesterday at the Senior Center of Charlottesville, according to Bob Gibson in the Daily Progress.

At one point, Goode joked that Weed "must be smoking something like what he’s named for" after the Nelson County farmer attacked Goode for taking $100,000 thousand in illegal contributions from former defense contractor MZM Inc. (MZM founder Mitchell J. Wade pleaded guilty to bribing former California Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and contributing money illegally to Goode) and helping the company secure a $15 million defense contract. "$15 million for a useless federal contract," Weed said. "$15 million that could have bought proper body armor for our troops in Iraq." Ouch!

"Let’s get to his assertion that MZM got $15 million. Totally false," Goode shot back. " The maximum amount that MZM could have gotten was less than $5 million and most of that was invested in Martinsville." Goode also said he only got $46,000 in contributions and that he gave it all to charities in the 5th District.

Goode and Weed also sparred over the war in Iraq and immigration. Weed, who has a son serving as a surgeon in Iraq, accused Goode of following "the Republican lead at every turn" and never questioning Bush on the war. "On things that I agree with the president, I vote with him," Goode responded, pointing out that he opposes Bush’s immigration policies.

Goode said he supports a fence along the border with Mexico and that Bush needs to tell Mexican officials "loud and clear: No amnesty. Do not come because we are not going to give you amnesty."

"People come across that very dangerous desert and that border because they can earn 10 times as much in America as they can earn in Central America or Mexico," Weed countered. "What person in this room would not risk their lives to provide a life like that for their family? The fence, the wall, will not stop that."

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Redistricting is probably the only way to get rid of the corrupt and virtulally unintelligible Virgil Goode. This is why the Dems need to do whatever it takes to control the State legislature in 2010-2012. The GOP gerrymandered the state into a series of safe Republican congressional districts in 2000, and the Dems need to approach the next census data with as much partisan zeal as they can muster. That is, absolutely, what the Republicans did and will do again given the chance.