Defense attacks police work; jury gets case

The defense attacked the case against a 13-year-old alleged bombing conspirator this afternoon toward the end of his two-day trial in Albemarle Circuit Court, and the matter went to the jury at 5:05pm.

Defense lawyer David Heilberg criticized the Commonwealth's case, in part, for seizing several computers and then failing to introduce any computer evidence in the trial. Prosecutor Darby Lowe contended that no computer evidence was needed since no fewer than six classmates of the embattled former Jack Jouett Middle School student testified that he'd made statements suggesting that he was aware of a plot to kill stduents and destroy two local high schools.

"Just how is he going to get there to commit these violent acts," asked Heilberg in his closing statement. "They hadn't even met. His mom wasn't going to drive him; he wasn't going to take the bus. That's because nothing was going to happen."

Heilberg pointed out that none of the six students who testified against the boy said anything to authorities until after the famous February 3 press conference at which the school superintendant and the chief of police announced the initial wave of arrests. This boy was arrested two weeks later at school.