The Hitler birthday connection

Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos, on WINA this morning to discuss the alleged bomber case, revealed a key factor in the decision to quickly arrest three youths suspected of conspiring to blow up high schools: "The ringleader was born on Hitler's 100th anniversary of his birthday"– and the anniversary of Columbine.

The Third Reich founder became a more significant player in this local drama when Camblos mentioned again about the 17-year-old former Western Albemarle student, "Remember, he was born on Hitler's birthday."

The Hook discovered that Academy Award-winning actress Jessica Lange also shares that April 20 birthday with Hitler. She lived in Scottsville for over a decade, but was never implicated in a conspiracy to blow up anything.

Camblos defended the quick arrests of three teens: "This was a conspiracy caught in its very early stages." As for gathering more evidence, for instance having police wiretap the suspects before making arrests, "That's absurd," Camblos objected. "The police didn't want to miss someone who said, 'I'm going to go down in flames for my compatriots.'"

Albemarle's top prosecutor seemed chafed that someone on a radio show call-in show had said that everyone in the juvenile court is presumed guilty, and that Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Darby Lowe, who's prosecuted the alleged conspiracy cases, has taken some heat. "Darby's a very, very good prosecutor," said her boss.

Saturday 8/26 update: Local ÂŒber-blogger (oops– did we just use a German word?) Waldo Jaquith has a little fun with Camblos' own birthday and concludes, with an astrologer's help, that if the birthdate fits, you must convict!


I, too was born on 4/20 (meaning long-haired grocery store clerks inevitable say, "Like your birthday, man, heh, heh, heh,") and have never had the inclination to blow anything up, either. Glad to hear about Jessica Lange, though. NowI have a surefire conversation starter if we meet.

I wondered if anyone else picked up on that implied guilt by association.

Did he deny that the juveniles were presumed guilty and also proclaim those who appealed their cases as "found guilty"?

Did I hear Mr. Camblos say that one absolutely "cannot talk about the closed trial...period" and then talk about it?

I've gotta get a podcast of this. My head is spinning.

what a total boob