Peatross opens bomb file… sort of

In a somewhat confusing set of moves, Albemarle Circuit Judge Paul Peatross has opened a portion of the court file of the 15-year-old student charged in the school bombing case, this morning's Daily Progress reports. It seems the Progress had much better success at prying open a portion of the so-called bomb plot case than did the Hook, whose editor/publisher won a hearing but no real access back in June.

According to the DP story, Peatross is releasing details from a plea hearing which suggest that the 15-year-old (now 16) Albemarle High School student (now out of school and jail) offered an Alford plea to a pair of lesser charges than the original double felony whammy of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to blow up a schoolhouse. The report suggests that good behavior might wipe his slate clean by age 18. (Bizarrely, the Daily Progress continues to report his name as if he were an adult.)

In contrast to his unsealing move on the plea, the judge in July ordered that the bulk of the file remain sealed and forbade the kid, his parents, prosecutors, and others from talking about the case, according to the Progress.

County prosecutor Jim Camblos must be pleased with that last development, as he had claimed that a "court order" barred discussion back in April when no such order existed. Three months later, the Hitler-birthdate-wary prosecutor now has one!

In August, one member of the alleged bomb plot won a non-guilty verdict from a 12-member jury in Circuit Court. Now, his family is considering a lawsuit over the prosecution.


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I like the way you guys give credit to the Progress. I don't like what I just saw on and read on the Charlottesville Newsplex: a story that begins, "At the request of the media, an Albemarle County judge decided to unseal some of the court records..." The media? It was the Progress, right? Who is this TV person named Lindsay Puccio who claims "the media" made it happen. If it was the Progress, Lindsay, just say so. It won't hurt you.