County hunkers down for 5-10 inches of rain

Perhaps it's only appropriate that the same week Bob Dylan released his first album in five years, "a hard rain's a-gonna fall" on the east coast. As Tropical Depression Ernesto bears down on Florida, Albemarle County officials are advising residents to brace for a rainstorm the likes of which haven't been seen in some time.

Says County spokesperson Lee Catlin in a press release, "The greatest amount of rainfall will occur from Friday morning through Friday evening with tapering off Saturday morning. At this time, we are expecting 5-10 inches of rain."

In addition to the potential for flooding, Catlin advises that those in Central Virginia should also be wary of tornadoes. "The greatest opportunity for a tornado will be Friday morning through Friday evening. At this time, Tropical Storm Ernesto is not predicted to stall over our area, but is predicted to pass directly over the Charlottesville/ Albemarle area," she says.

The Weather Channel's forecast for Friday indicates that as Ernesto makes its way up the east coast, Charlottesville will be directly in the storm's path. In fact, the satellite map indicates that in a storm that should stretch from Chicago to Savannah, Central Virginia will get the heaviest rainfall.

Update, 9:47pm: In a release sent earlier this evening, City spokesperson Ric Barrick ups the rain ante. Quoting the National Weather Service, Barrick says that over 10 inches of rain could fall through Friday with some places getting 12 inches.


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I'll take the Weather Channel's prognostication over the NBC29 forecast any ol' day. When NBC29 reports a 70 percent chance of rain, it means that 7 out of 10 ding-dongs at the station think it's gonna rain.