Earl Washington: 0, taxpayers: $1 million

blog-big-earlWashington.JPGA report in this morning's Richmond Times-Dispatch reveals that Virginia has now spent $1 million buying legal services in its effort to avoid compensating wrongly-convicted, nearly-electrocuted, and now vindicated rape-murder accusee Earl Washington.

Hiring the McGuire Woods law firm and investing nearly $1 million in its bills has not, however delivered phat dividends for the state. On May 5, a federal jury decided that Washington, the man kept in jail 18 years for a murder he did not commit, deserved to be awarded $2.25 million. Jurors appeared to believe that the plaintiff, a maintenance man with a low intelligence quotient, was goaded by an investigator into providing a false confession.

On August 21, a Culpeper grand jury finally charged inmate Kenneth Maurice Tinsley, 60 with the 1982 murder of 19-year-old Culpeper resident Rebecca Lynn Williams.


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He deserved more than $2.25 million!