Good morning; it’s wet

You gotta love hurricane season– it's predictable. They said it was gonna rain today, and then you wake up and, by George, it's raining.

What you really gotta love, though, is the Weather Underground. Perhaps not as well known as the Weather Channel or CNN, the Weather Underground is the service we here at the Hook link our site to because it offers a pretty sweet array of weather predictions.

And today, of course, the Weather Underground has some great ways to see what our boy Ernesto's doing.

Sorry your outdoor event was cancelled today. If you're not like us, you're already frolicking in a swollen stream. You're not? Well, at least you can hang out with the Weather Underground– or look out the window and watch your lawn springing back to life.


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Yeah you've gotta love any group that borrows its name from terrorists. Catchy.