Jury: UVA student lied, owes $500

A Charlottesville jury decided yesterday that UVA student Tamira Roberson, charged as part of an alleged break-in and brawl at a fraternity house in March, lied about her presence at the scene but did not actually trespass.

According to a story in this morning's Daily Progress, Roberson was seen lying on videotape in an initial police interview when she claimed not to have been present in the Delta Upsilon house, which was the site of an alleged mutli-person break-in and brawl on March 5.

Police and fraternity members claim that the fracas began after two UVA student athletes were forced to leave the house. Freshman soccer goalie Michael Giallombardo, 18, and freshman defensive back Michael Brown, 18, have already pleaded guilty to trespassing. It's what happened after they departed that stunned investigators.

A group of men and women, friends of the forced-out students, found their own special way of expressing displeasure. As this morning's Progress story relates, approximately "two dozen" friends began smashing their way inside the Rugby Road structure.

"It was very surreal," one witness injured in the incident testified. The mass invasion allegedly included destroying a window, breaking down the front door, and culminated with the invaders proceeding to "slap, slug and kick" fraternity members.

Student-athletes Zak Stair, Edwin Pinigis, Vince Redd, and Enong© Stovall have also been charged, and the Progress reports that Redd, a 6'6', 280-pound football defensive lineman, has pleaded guilty to trespassing.

According to a report in the Cavalier Daily, Redd was asked by coach Al Groh to leave the football team shortly after the incident. Liberty University in Lynchburg, however, allowed Redd to join the school and play on the 2007 football squad- although the official release welcoming Redd to the school run by minister Jerry Falwell fails to mention the impetus for the transfer.