‘Randy Mac’ needs new name

On Saturday, the trustees of Randolph-Macon Woman's College, despite the chants of critics and a possible legal threat by former gubernatorial hopeful Wyatt Durrette, voted to admit men to the Lynchburg institution. Yesterday's showdown comes to life in an Associated Press story. Left unstated is what a coed R-MWC might be called. They can't just call it Randolph-Macon College because–- believe it or not–- there's already an institution by that name over in Ashland.

Maybe they'll do what Christopher Newport College, Mary Washington College, Hampton Institute, and Hollins College did: just upgrade themselves to "university" status before the folks in Ashland beat them to the punch.

Also left unsaid is what becomes of that possible legal challenge sent in a multi-page letter earlier this week by Durrette. On behalf of a group of alumnae, he wrote that trustees would have to get the institution's charter changed before making such a monumental move.



I went to that ridiculous excuse for a college back in the day, and it's just typical that the alumnae have their knickers in a twist over something as silly as changing the name. What's amazing is that the board of trustees permitted the place to fall into such a dire financial abyss that in addition to letting men "behind the red brick wall," they're considering selling off their horse facility and their art collection. This is responsible stewardship? Interesting that 60 other women's colleges manage to make it as single-sex institutions just fine. Maybe it's not so much that the school is single-sex as that it's in Lynchburg. It's all women, it's academically a sham, and it's in one of the most grim, reactionary burgs in Virginia. Three strikes and you're out... or coed.

Dear Gillie,

You need another drive down to a Scottsville-area farm to cool down your cranium and bring back some tasty vegetables.

--Smith Smithers

since it's going co ed ...... how about macon out for the new name


Dear Gillie, You must not have got laid good in Lunchbag,Va.

Dear bobby baker, you are a genuine idiot and a disgrace to all common and decent people. A comment like that places you below vermin. I am embarrased to live in the same town with garbage like you.

Sorry Gillie- I might agree with you on a point or two, but your assumption that Lynchburg is one of the primary causes for the faltering of RMW-C is - well - stupid! Ever heard of Lynchburg College? It seems to be having success, as are the other schools here. Of course Sweet Briar isn't in Lynchburg and Liberty is "Christian," so I'm sure that you don't consider that a college! Where did you chose to go after RMW-C? You missed out on their deductive reasoning class!