UVA fourth year shot and robbed

Charlottesville police are on the lookout for two suspects who allegedly shot and robbed a UVA fourth year who was sitting on the porch of a residence in the 1000 block of Wertland Street early Sunday morning.

According to a press release, emergency personnel received a 911 call at 3:50am yesterday and found the 21-year-old male with one gunshot wound in his abdomen. He was rushed to UVA Medical Center, underwent surgery to extract the bullet and treat his injuries and remains in stable condition.

The only description police have for the alleged assailants is that they were two black men, one of whom shot the student. Those who have information about the incident should call Crimestoppers at 977-4000 or Detective Jim Mooney at 970-3374.


One wonders what the young man was doing there at that time of night (morning).

I'm with "Throwthebumsout," since when did sititng on a porch--no matter where--in the wee hours justify a crime? He's a college student, for god's sake--they never sleep (except through classes).

From WINA : "Charlottesville Police say a fourth-year male student was sitting on his porch in the 1000-block of Wertland Street shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday talking to his girlfriend on the phone. City Police Captain Chip Harding (above) says two black males came up to the student and robbed him of his cell phone, and one of them shot the victim in the abdomen"

"One wonders what the young man was doing there at that time of night (morning)."

So, it's the victim's fault?

if it is a new-ish phone (i.e. last 3yrs) it can be tracked and it's location can be known by the respective cell provider.

The student was doing what any good college student would be doing after the exciting football game over that powerhouse Cowboys team...drinking and you know...the typical stuff involving the opposite sex.