Cavalier Daily apologizes for Jesus cartoons

Two days after refusing to apologize for running two controversial comics depicting Jesus Christ, the Cavalier Daily issued a statement today apologizing for the cartoons. UVA third-year Grant Woolard drew the cartoons for his comic strip Quirksmith. The statement reads, in part: "Offense was not our intent–- neither the intent of the artist, nor the intent of the newspaper, which seeks to provide contributors an open forum to present their ideas."

Woolard's August 23 and August 24 cartoons depicted Jesus Christ crucified on Cartesian x/y axes and Mary professing that her "bumpy rash" was "immaculately transmitted," respectively. The CD has removed the cartoons from their website and replaced them with a statement from Woolard that says, "The sole intent of my comic strip is to present situations that provoke thought and amusement. As this comic did not achieve that goal, I have requested that it be taken down from the Cavalier Daily website. I apologize for the offense the comic has produced."

The dustup turned into a sandstorm on September 13 when Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly called for UVA president John Casteen to kick the Cav Daily off Grounds for running the cartoons and accused Casteen of "hiding behind his desk."

CD editor Michael Slaven was unavailable for comment, but his voicemail recording says, "Members of the Cavalier Daily staff will not be doing interviews or making press apperances from this point forward." Nor was Bill O'Reilly or anyone on the O'Reilly Factor staff available for comment.


Kevin S's comments are right on target

very good. The artist is a standup guy.

Bad move. If he's trying to be a cartoonist he needs to get used to the fact that sometimes people are going to be offended. The cardinal rule is "Never back down" and always stand behind your work. Where would Doonesbury be if Gary Trudeau caved everytime he put up a strip that pissed people off?

Does this mean that when we find Bill O'Reilly offensive - we can call Fox and demand they kick him off the air? Not like they would listen... Personally I am disappointed in the CD's backing down - and for apologising - jeez - do NOT let those idiots win.

"As this comic did not achieve that goal, I have requested that it be taken down from the Cavalier Daily website. I apologize for the offense the comic has produced."

Why don't you just say what you really think..."Boneheaded people made me remove my really funny cartoons." A pity you felt so threatened that you had to pull free speech off the web. I guess TJ no longer believes in democracy in his hoo house.

Sigh... This world demands a spine...

This proves that the Cavalier Daily isn't really a newspaper and its editors aren't really journalists.

You know that if this were an anti-muslim cartoon, they would have never printed it for fear
of "offending" muslims, probably resulting in a violent protest. Yet it's so easy to make fun
of Christians. And no, TJ would not have viewed this cartoon as appropriate, clever, or

Apparently, the Christians have monopolised the portrayal of human crucifiction. They would have us believe that it is their intellectual property, not to be used except as directed through their authority. Likewise, the questioning of another Christian article of faith, the "immaculate" (i.e. not dirty, tainted or impure) conception of Jesus is considered offensive by inquisitors such as Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly must be feeling pretty good about successfully bringing Jefferson's University student newspaper to its knees.

Please tell me the last time an anti-Muslim or anti-Jewish cartoon was published in the Cavailer Daily ? Also, what was the reaction ?