CDC reports on meningitis case

The UVA fourth-year student who died of bacterial meningitis last week had Strain B, the least infectious strain of the disease, the Centers for Disease Control reported on Monday.

The news is what UVA administrators were hoping to hear. "That strain is less likely to cause outbreaks among several people, and generally causes isolated, single cases," said UVA's executive director of student health, Dr. James Turner, last week.

Twenty-one-year-old Jennifer Leigh Wells had complained of headaches on Friday morning, according to an account in the Daily Progress, and stayed at her parents' home in Charlottesville, away from school and her part time job at A Cut Above, the hair salon owned by her mother and stepfather. She reportedly collapsed that afternoon and was rushed to UVA Medical Center before she died on Sunday.

Unlike a decade ago, the vast majority of college students are now vaccinated against four of the five strains of meningitis. Turner estimated 95 percent of UVA students had received the vaccine, but in Wells' case, the vaccine, which is ineffective agains strain B, would not have helped.