Frosh QB here to stay?

UVA's third-string quarterback is on his way to a second start, the coach confirmed tonight, and some are talking about an entire season.

Despite the lopsided loss to Georgia Tech yesterday, Jameel Sewell, a Richmond-area redshirt freshman will start another game as UVA's starting QB when the Cavalier's play Duke September 30. "In staff discussions today, we all felt he handled himself positively," head coach Al Groh said tonight in a conference call. "All the up-the-field throws– he threw each one of them well last night."

Groh's comments bolster widespread pundit speculation that the QB slot may, after starts by Christian Olsen and Kevin McCabe, belong to Sewell for the rest of the season, even though Groh himself declines to speculate past the next game. "All we can think about is the one we're playing next week."

After several dropped passes and allegedly weak line protection in Thursday night's 24-7 loss, Groh suggested that Sewell's left arm deserved a few more points. "He could have gotten some more help," Groh said.


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After Groh declared the 2006 season to be a rebuilding year, I was perplexed when he named Olsen the starter. Why have a player in his last year of eligibility lead the team? This would only delay the development of the young guns sitting on the bench. Sewell is certainly highly-touted, and if his development continues in a year or two when the rebuilding matures he'll be ready to lead the team.