Morgan Freeman blesses Film Fest

He kept a pretty low profile when he was here earlier this year as God in Evan Almighty, but actor Morgan Freeman will face his adoring fans at this year's Virginia Film Festival. And with Freeman following Robert Duvall's appearance for The Apostle on Friday at the Paramount, October 27 is turning out to be the high star-wattage night at this year's fest.

Freeman will present the comedy 10 Items or Less, which he produces and in which he stars as an aging actor whose own wattage has dimmed, forcing him to take a role in an independent film. Brad "Lemony Snicket" Silberling wrote and directed, and will appear with Freeman at the 10pm screening. And in a convenient tie-in to the festival's "Revelations: Finding God at the Movies" theme, Freeman's production company is called Revelations Entertainment.

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At least they're pulling in some high-wattage star power. The actual schedule of films is rather spotty. Maybe if they would focus on more accessible themes that might interest a broader audience, the festival could begin to shed its rep as an October haven for pretentious arrogant types. As it stands, the festival has been lurching inexorably toward self-parody for the last four years.