Lethal pays up

There's good news for 21 aggrieved local drivers who'd been overcharged by Lethal Wrecker: the checks are in the mail.

Though Lethal's Richmond-based attorney William Tiller had hinted in court in July that his client might not have the $1,100 to pay back the plaintiffs, that didn't end up to be the case. On Monday, October 9, Tiller delivered checks on Lethal's behalf to the city attorney's office, according to assistant city attorney Lisa Kelley. The checks, written on Tiller's account, range from $5 to $170, and were mailed to plaintiffs on Tuesday, Kelley says.

Tiller did not immediately return the Hook's call, but Kelley says the payment gets Lethal, owned by George Morris (left), out of hot water with the city, provided they comply with state law.

And complying with state law also got a bit easier on July 1, when the general assembly voted to increase towing maximum to $125 with an additional $25 night/weekend fee. Prior to July, the maximum towing fine had been $85 with an additional $10 night/weekend fee.

Lethal is still facing a $20 million civil suit filed by a man injured in an accident with a Lethal wrecker truck. That case goes to court in March.


I just read the funniest story in the Washington Post about John Grisham getting towed. Wonder if Lethal will be the subject of his next novel?