Timberlake to bring ’sexy back’ to town

Bodies will be rocked, and sexy will be brought back on March 18, 2007, when one of the world's biggest pop stars brings his disco ball-busting show to John Paul Jones Arena. That's right, ladies, Justin Timberlake is coming to Charlottesville.

As he announced on Tuesday, the appearance will be part of his 30-plus date "FutureSex/LoveShow" North American tour with opening act Pink. The event should be a first for the new arena, and not just because no other former members of 'N Sync have played there. It will be the first time a headliner has attempted to perform in a theater-in-the-round style at the JPJ (although mononymed singer Nitza did it as the Cirque du Soleil opener in August).

Not familiar with Timberlake? Besides his current hit, "SexyBack," he gained renown in 2004 when he and Janet Jackson made a duet of his hit "Rock Your Body" just moments before the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl halftime show.

The upcoming Charlottesville event will reportedly include a 14-piece band and many back-up dancers. No word yet on whether their wardrobes have been tested.

The date tickets go on sale has yet to be announced, but JPJ officials say updates from the arena's website are forthcoming.



The question is, when is Timberlake's DRUGSTORE bringing the sexy back? I need to see some boomin' grannies serving up mad tuna melts and Extra-Strength Bufferin in the back room, skeevin around in orthotics to the tunes of Andy "Moon River" Williams. C'mon now. Let's see a wardrobe malfunction involving some Sans-a-Belt slacks, ya heard?

With regard to Timberlake I only have one thing to say...Ho Hum!!!