Students get swanky gated community

A putting green. A movie theater. A billiards room. Three swimming pools with babes in bikinis... It sounds like a resort, and it is– a resort for students who can afford the many upscale amenities of Woodlands, a new 300-unit paradise that makes it unnecessary ever to leave its gated grounds near Old Lynchburg Road– except for those pesky classes.

Dovetail Companies apparently has done this before in Athens and Statesboro, Georgia; College Station, Texas; and Knoxville, Tennessee; and decided Charlottesville was ripe for the most luxurious accommodations a UVA student could ever wish to throw up on.

French doors open to a balcony in every unit, perfect for undergrad hijinks. Kitchens boast granite counters just the setting for whipping up a perfect mojito. And the 7,000-sq-ft clubhouse holds the stadium-seating movie theater and state-of-the-art cardio studio, according the the Woodlands of Charlottesville website. There's even a tanning bed. And for parental peace of mind, besides controlled access, some units have solid wood doors with insulated glass. Try kicking that in, frat boy.

So our question is: do you have to be a student to live there?

How much for all this opulence? We're still working on getting that information at blog time. Located on Sunset Avenue near Azalea Park, Woodlands is available for summer and fall 2007.



I've already decided to hate anybody who lives there.


That company evidently doesn't realize that the other two "high-end" student oriented places out in that neck of the woods had trouble filling up, and at least one of them opted to go condo, recently. (I forget the names).
There's a glut of student rental housing on the market, and lots of new swanky stuff in the "core" right around the U./
Given the choice, any undergrad would choose to live within walking distance of classes and bars, not out old Lynchbur road.
I can see med, darden and law students living there, perhaps, but I would not want to be an investor on that property.

Jefferson Ridge and Eagles Landing are both out there already on Sunset Ave Ext., and College Park/University Place is over on Old Lynchburg/5th St. Ext. This isn't really close to Azalea Park, and it's a bit of a haul to get there. That's a dead-end road out there because Sunset Ave doesn't extend through to JPA. If you bike it isn't too bad, but the cars will just add traffic, mostly to the south of I-64 on 5th street, just in advance of the Biscuit Run development. If someone were smart, they'd try to open some nice retail on that end of town... maybe the county and Capshaw can get together on the 5th/Avon connector and get the retail built back in there.

I think we'll see a lot of new retail with the Biscuit Run development. I'd be happy to see a nice grocery store out that way.

Well, anytime a specific area becomes residentially developed, the retail stores will soon follow because it creates a market for them. Isn't there already talk of a shopping mall in that area?

This was in the C'Ville just last week:

I think the development is good for C'Ville and The Woodlands is a welcome addition.

I am excited about the Woodlands coming to the area. Not only will it be nice to get away from campus but, it is a great investment opportunity for my parents. UVA will always need off-grounds housing and this place is as good as it gets around here.