Fox to campaign for Webb

When actor and Parkinson's disease sufferer Michael J. Fox appeared in two powerful ads for stem cell research and Democratic Senate candidates who support it, the Hook wondered whether the actor would make a similar appearance in Virginia. It now seems we will soon find out.

On November 2, five days before Election Day, Fox is slated to appear at a rally for Democrat Jim Webb at Arlington's Clarendon Ballroom.

No word yet on whether Fox has prepared an ad similar to those for Missouri's Claire McCaskill and Maryland's Ben Cardin, but in a race where the latest Mason-Dixon poll shows Webb only four points behind Senator George Allen– who opposes government sponsorship of embryonic stem cell research– such an ad would undoubtedly stir some debate.



Michael is not retired - he is as an American allowed to speak out - he is NOT being exploted - he is speaking out for what he believes and for what he knows to be true. The comment about little white christian babies is so uncalled for, how sad that folks can be so nasty.

Anyone who is interested in finding out the truth regarding stem cell research please feel free to check Christopher Reeve's web site:

There is so much to learn and so much information available - please learn more. Thank you.

he comment about little white christian babies is so uncalled for, how sad that folks can be so nasty.

The comment was a quote from Wonkette's blog -- and clearly tongue-in-cheek.

Thank goodness for that - it is just that some things are nasty and uncalled for - I had to say what I felt in the moment.

I wrote a satirical blog post about this controversy:

Forgot to mention that this whole debate strikes a big nerve with me, because my wife has M.S. (we live here in Cville). I was enraged imagining if Limbaugh had said something like that about someone I love.

I lost a friend to Parkinson's 2 years ago - it makes me angry and sad that there was nothing to save her - Rush - well - he is too very ill and a tad stupid.

Dear Palestar: I could be wrong, but I don't believe Fox IS an American. I know he was born a Canadian and, at least a few years ago, had not relinquished his citizenship.

Thank you - I had heard he had duel citizenship - so if he doesn't than I erred in that respect - so I wil say " he is as a human being allowed to speak out" for what he believes. Thankfully.

BTW - Michael has supported Arlen Spector and Orrin Hatch - and They are not democrats :) - it is not about politics with him - it is about supporting
people who are knowledgeable enough to believe in and work for the betterment of humanity.

I just checked and Michael became a citizen in 2000. Thanks I am glad I checked it out - now we know. :)