Allen thrives, Webb dies in hypothetical Jamestown

In its exclusive interviews with Senator George Allen and his Democratic opponent Jim Webb, Style Weekly covered all the important issues: North Korea, education policy, the economy, and of course, their hypothetical survival in the Jamestown colony.

As it has been on most every issue this campaign, Allen and Webb had very different answers when posed the question: " If you had been among the first settlers [at Jamestown] in 1607, how do you think you would have contributed to history?"

In keeping with his public persona as a rough-and-tumble guy who's not afraid to get his hands dirty to get things done, Allen believed he would have brought quite a lot to the Jamestown table. "I would have been out hunting. Either trying to grow some crops or out hunting... maybe out on the river trying to catch some fish, as well," he says. He also thinks he would have been among the Virginia Company's more diplomatic settlers: "I would have wanted to have good relations with the inhabitants that were already here, the Virginia Indians, and then tried to work with them in a positive way and learn from them the best we could."

Webb was decidedly less bullish about his prospects. In a one sentence answer, he said, "I would have died in 1609 [laughs] when the cold frost came in, when two-thirds of them died, I think."

The revealing, sometimes unconventional, interview is available on Style Weekly's website.



Given that Allen is attacking Webb for steamy scenes in novels, it's surprising that he hasn't yet attacked Webb for "dying." Maybe that'll be in tomorrow's news cycle?

Adios George - time for a big change - this state and country needs to heal -we need to find our spirit that has been amputated by this administration - we are mad as hell and we are NOT going to take it anymore.

You can dump on Allen all you want. He still wins statewide and that's what matters- in an election.

If he does that would mean Virginia had taken many steps backward - I pray that he does not -

Perhaps he and Rush would make a great couple - as they trip the life fantastical in reverse.

I dont' remember dumping on him anyway - I said that this a time for a big change - away from the negativity of this administration.

Allen may or may not survive jamestown (the verdict is out on whether he'd merely shoot himself in the foot with a musket). But there seems little doubt he would thrive and enjoy the antebellum south with enough people in shackles to do his work for him.

What step backward? Allen has been the Senator, Governor, Congressman, and Delegate serving his state with this level of anger and negativity.
As for Allen and Rush the passage of the marriage act would make that unlikely. If you want to say that "our spirit that has been amputated by this administration" is not a negative statement in regards to Allen then fine, I'll accept that.

To Ribald: AMEN TO THAT!!!

To Talbop: As I said it is time for a big change - cause it is not working with the good ole boy stuff - with all the things he has been doing - he NEEDS a long vacation- a very long one.

I wonder if "Jamestown George" would take Dick Cheney out hunting with him.

:) ;) :)