Stark becomes a reporter

virginia_220240d.jpgAmerican politics, you gotta love it. Two days ago, some thought that UVA law student Mike Stark’s aggressive questioning of Senator George Allen inside the Omni Hotel, and the scuffle that followed, might land him in jail. Now it appears to have landed him a job. Yesterday, Cenk Uygur, co-host of Air America Radio’s lefty morning show, "The Young Turks" announced on The Huffington Posts that Stark was being hired as a field reporter.

"In light of the fact that Mike has shown an ability to ask questions others are not willing to ask, for the benefit and education of the public," writes Uygur. " I am proud to announce that "The Young Turks" on Air America Radio has hired Mike Stark to be a reporter for the show."

As the reported immediately following the tussle (a Hook reporter was at the scene), Stark got within inches of Allen and Senator Elizabeth Dole while Allen was fielding question from the media after a rally at the hotel and began shouting, "Did you abuse your first wife? Did you ever spit on your first wife?"

With the television cameras rolling, Allen staffer Dan Allen (no relation) pushed Stark away, and when Stark resisted and continued to shout another Allen staffer put him in a headlock and wrestled him to the ground. Stark was then forced out the front door. The rest is CNN video clip history.

"I only wish we had hired Mike earlier and he could have been in the room to ask the White House about the Downing Street Memos, Jeff Gannon, the weapons of mass destruction, etc., etc.," Uygur wrote. " So many questions needed to be asked and weren't. We hope to change that."

Meanwhile, the Charlottesville Police Department continues to question those who witnessed the scuffle, and view the video footage, to determine whether or not to press charges against those involved.


This is goofy, but why not? Carson Daly enjoys an inexplicable career.

This particular US Senate campaign has been more entertaining than the sleaziest reality TV show.

Charlottesville Republican Tom McCrystal claims on his blog that Stark was the aggressor!

Say Tom WE have VIDEO - get your eyes checked...